Your Journey of self discovery from a different angle!

Embark on a journey of self discovery as you explore the depths of your “qualities. These characteristics, often can be seen as on the too much side , however the might actually hold the key to unlocking your potential in both your personal and professional life.

“A sense of urgency.”.

On a scale from 1 to 5 rate how urgently you approach aspects of your life not just work.
How do you distinguish between urgency and unnecessary chaos?
In what ways has your sense of urgency positively influenced the performance and collaboration within your team?
Share a challenge where others may not have appreciated your approach and describe how you handled it.

“Having tendencies that resemble ADHD.”

Share an instance where your ADHD like tendencies proved beneficial in problem solving or thinking.
How do you prioritize tasks when faced with responsibilities considering your natural inclination to be everywhere, at once?
In what ways has your ability to switch tasks quickly contributed to the adaptability of your company?
Reflect on a time when your ADHD tendencies became an obstacle and explain the strategies you employed to overcome them.

“Tendency to be obsessive.”

Lets talk about a obsession that looking back had a positive impact, on your life.
How do you effectively channel your focus into endeavors without overwhelming your team?
Tell us about an experience where your unwavering commitment to quality played a role in Methodologys project success.
Explore the balance between an obsession and one that could potentially strain your personal or professional relationships.

“Are you too introverted?”

Describe how being introverted has influenced your leadership style in groups or intimate settings.
In what ways do you use your introversion to connect with customers?
Share an instance where being introverted presented a challenge and how you transformed it into an opportunity for growth.
Discuss your strategies for finding equilibrium between the need for solitude as an introvert and the demands of leading others.

“Do you think you are too patient? “

Share an example where your patience played a role in overcoming adversity or challenges.
How do you strike the balance, between remaining patient. Maintaining a sense of urgency in the fast paced startup environment?

Lets talk about the significance of patience, in building a team and how it contributes to creating an team over time. We can also reflect on a situation where impatience seemed tempting and discuss why we chose an approach instead.

Have you being told that you are “too social”?
Describe  a situation where your social skills played a role in achieving a breakthrough or creating an opportunity for her company. Additionally you can explore how you maintain relationships in a setting while avoiding superficial connections. What challenges have you faced ? How did you manage to overcome them successfully?

Moreover it is important to discuss the balance, between socializing and focused work. How it contributes to productivity. By embracing the diversity of our ” qualities we can embark on an exploration that has the potential to impact our personal and professional growth positively.

Lets dive into these topics with a mind and consider the value that patience and self awareness brings!

You can use our Journaling workbook to write your answers and support your journey of self discovery.

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For making your well being a priority!