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Our courses and workbooks really focus on how to apply the information learned in everyday life. They aim to give you the most beneficial experience so you see changes in your life.


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— About Planet-Yo

Hello, welcome to your planet!

We help individuals to become their best version.

Planet-Yo is a mental wellness platform for the youth. We support the youth in all aspects of self-esteem, confidence, self-knowledge and emotional intelligence.

With Planet-Yo, for example, you can explore the answers to who you are and what to do next, improve the way you treat yourself and others, acknowledge your achievements and learn from your failures. Start slowly with our support!

Planet -Yo Team

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Youth Coaching

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People We Have Helped

” Alicia from Planet-yo has worked with 2 of my children. I really can’t recommend her expertise enough. She creates a safe place for the children to express themselves and has a unique skill of getting any child to really open up. She uses a range of different therapies and what I love is that she can systematically involve the whole family to help achieve the best results for your child. Her relaxed humorous approach made my children enjoy every session and the benefits have been enormous”J. FrederickLondon
“Thank you for this opportunity , it was very insightful to understand children’s behaviours and the way they function. Sharing our thoughts and experiences was so helpful to re-evaluate our parents status and actions on our everyday life.”Fred FournierFrance
“What an eye opener! A must- have tool for every parent! A great tool in helping you grow and develop. The sessions really help to rewire your brain in how to better understand where your child is coming from, help avoid falling into the trap of power struggles and help you build a more fruitful connection with your child. @Alicia and @Chenca you are doing such a fantastic job!!! I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to attend your classes and absorb some your wisdom that you so generously share with us. Can’t thank you enough ladies! You rock!”Stalo LesterCyprus

Margaret Mead quote

Always remember you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else!

It all starts with a single first step.

We are all born with unique traits and characteristics that help us shine. Learning to love ourselves for who/what we are can be a big challenge.  Continue being your best self. We can help you on that journey.


Start by practicing creativity! Instead of demanding from yourself or having expectations that are difficult to reach, practice creativity to achieve your personal goals.


Keep finding reasons to be yourself all the while respecting others for being themselves.


Take your time and travel light. Enjoy the process!

You are your planet!

You are your planet, nurture it, create in it, look after it well, with our support!

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Window Into Your Potential

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