Don´t forget to assess your well-being!

Welcome to the Self Care Assessment. This assessment is designed to help you evaluate and improve your well being. The purpose of this assessment is to provide insights into your self care practices and guide you towards a fulfilling and vibrant life.

As we enter 2024 prioritizing self care goes beyond treats; it’s about incorporating habits that promote physical, mental and emotional well being.

Please take a moment to honestly assess your engagement with each self care strategy. Your responses will give you insights into areas where you excel. Those that may benefit from additional attention. Remember, this assessment is a tool for self reflection and personal growth empowering you to create an fulfilling life of self care and happiness.

Self care assessment using I statements:

Rate each statement on a scale, from 1 ( disagree) to 5 ( agree).

  • “I make it a habit to practice breathing and visualization every day to foster tranquility”
  • “Incorporating exercise into my routine is something I genuinely enjoy and consider essential”
  • “Prioritizing a diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains is of importance to me”
  • “To ensure high quality sleep I have established a routine that promotes restfulness”
  • “Setting boundaries with my devices allows me to disconnect at times and reconnect with myself and loved ones”
  • “Staying well hydrated throughout the day is something I prioritize beginning with a glass of water in the morning”
  • “Allocating time for hobbies that bring me joy and fulfillment is a part of my life”
  • “Actively nurturing and maintaining connections with friends and family is vital to me”
  • “Continuous learning plays a role in my life whether it be acquiring skills taking online courses or indulging in reading materials”
  • “Engaging in gratitude journaling helps me focus on the aspects of my life”
  • “If necessary I am open to seeking assistance, for maintaining mental well being”
  • “Regularly spending time surrounded by nature brings about healing and relaxation for me personally”
  • “Actively seeking moments of laughter each day holds value for me as I recognize the benefits it offers”


 If your score falls between 60 – 75 congratulations! Your self care routine is. Its important to keep up the work.

If your score ranges from 45 – 59 you’re on the track. Could still make some improvements. Consider focusing on areas that have scores.

Scores between 30 – 44 indicate that your self care routine could benefit from some attention. Identify areas for improvement and gradually introduce changes.

Falling within the range of 15 -29 shows that prioritizing self care is crucial. Seek support from professionals or loved ones while making small changes to gradually build a routine.

If your score is, between 1 -14 immediate attention is required for your well being. Reach out to professionals or trusted individuals for support while considering changes to enhance your self care practices.

Don’t forget:

Scheduling medical and dental checkups is a part of my self care routine.

To regularly reflect on and evaluate your life’s direction, goals and habits making adjustments along the way is of great benefit to you. You can use our journaling workbook to help you if you are like us, pen and paper crazed!

What are the potential results you might get from assessing your self care routine?

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