Habits Test!

Welcome to the “Habits and Productivity” test. This test is designed to help you understand your habits, productivity style and areas where you can improve in a simplified manner. Based on insights shared by Bryan M. Kuderna, a certified planner ( www.kudernafinancial.com) into how you approach building better habits.

Please read each scenario carefully. Select the response that best reflects your behavior or preference. It is important to answer for results. Remember there are no wrong answers; it’s simply about understanding your habits and tendencies.

Time Commitment:

When would be the time for you to commit to establishing a new habit?

a. Early morning before any distractions arise.

b. At a time every day regardless of when it’s

c. During your lunch break as a way to break up the day.

d. In the evening after completing your responsibilities.

Goal Setting:

You have set a goal of saving a percentage of your income. How do you approach achieving this goal?

a. Concentrate on reducing expenses in order to meet the target.

b. Start by considering your income and expenses in order to determine the savings rate you want to achieve.

c. Establish a savings target without getting into many details of planning.

d. Explore ways to increase your sources of income in order to reach your desired savings rate.

App Utilization:

If you need help managing your finances or boosting productivity, what would you rely on?

a. Make use of apps like Living Balance Sheet to keep your plans up to date.

b. Use voice to text apps like Dragon that can help you capture ideas and improve efficiency.

c. Prefer methods like spreadsheets for planning.

d. Consider hiring a professional to handle your matters.

Movement/exercise Habits:

When it comes to incorporating exercise or more movement like regular walks, into your routine what is important for you in staying committed?

a. Vary your workouts based on aspects and personal preferences.

b. Stick with a routine that matches both your personality and schedule.

c. Join group classes as they can help keep you motivated and accountable.

d. Find ways to make physical activities enjoyable by integrating them into tasks.

Self Negotiation;

How do you navigate negotiations with yourself when it comes to building habits?

a. Identify aspects of the habit that genuinely bring you joy so that it becomes harder for you to talk yourself out of it.

b. Place emphasis on discipline recognizing that discipline is an integral part of who you are.

c. Look for rewards or incentives to stay motivated.

d. Take some time to think about the long term advantages and visualize success in order to stay committed.


Now add up your answers and refer below for the interpretation of your habits and productivity style:

If you mostly choose (a); Your approach involves being flexible and finding pleasure in habits. Consider introducing structure for success in the long run.

If you mostly choose (b); You display a mindset. Prioritize discipline. Keep focusing on planned disciplined approaches to developing habits.

If you mostly cho0se (c); You appreciate variety and external motivation. Think about incorporating structure while still maintaining elements of enjoyment.

If you mostly chose (d); It might be beneficial for you to explore an approach to habits. Find a balance between structure and spontaneity.

How have your results been useful to you to create new habits?

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